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We have actually improved the latest BARBI SYSTEM dozens & dozens of times since our Roulette Machine arrived. We now consider our system the closest anyone has ever come to



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You will not be disappointed as our book is 700+ pages of everything you want to know about Roulette as well as Tips and 50 + Systems …

5 systems that finally work.  One is a killer. The book can be downloded from the cloud (DropBox) and includes the Book with over 50 systems 5 that really work, back Newsletters, Casino Cards, and a Video Demonstration of our best system for use on either a Single Zero or Dbl Zero Table,  Etc., Etc.…After you purchase our book we are available if need be to give you FREE Online help in mastering our best system.


Our newest systems THE C/D + OPPORTUNITY BARBI SYSTEM uniquely combine  our 2 best systems and we added a Dozens & Column System that actually also works all into one killer system.  It actually work on both the Single Zero 0 Table and the Double Zero 00 Table.  These are Inside / Outside Systems that cover between 77% and 83% of the table.  That doesn't count the coverage from the Dozens & Columns. Now who has the edge ????  We hit at a rate of much better than 3 out of 4 spins for various reasons, not only coverage.  If we lose we  recover ALL our loss in 2 spins or less.  You do the math.  On a bad day we can buy in once & play for hours without going back into out pocket.  On a good day you are off the table in 5 spins to 15 spins with 30 chip PROFIT Whether you play, blackjack, poker, baccarat, craps, or the slot machines, THE BARBI SYSTEMS will out perform and out win any and all of the other casino games hands down.  They can be used on both the single and double zero wheel. Imagine you can now also play on a Double Zero table & win consistently.




A winning Roulette system is not a myth………..However, it is extremely rare.  Rare because it is believed they don’t and can’t exist, therefore no one really tries to design one. Many of those that do, try to design them around the outside even / odd / red / black type bets.  The house has  19/20 numbers in its favor and and you have only 18. That's too much of an edge with 18/19 numbers uncovered.   Inside bets are the only way to go.  Sorry to all those “Outside” bettors, but here is where you can and will win consistently.  We do!!!  And we will show you how.  We have been in constant communication since 1998 with our customers / friends

Most gamblers drank the “Kool Aid”.  They believe what they read or they have had poor experiences.  Almost everyone I know over the last 30 years+ think Roulette can’t be beaten because of the house’s so called “ADVANTAGE”.  Think about this, let's approach this with LOGIC & let's assume for a moment you could win, then the so called ADVANTAGE is actually reduced to a simple “CUT’’ right?.   A Roulette Table has 37 or 38 #’s on it.  However, the tables have (if I counted correctly) 157 / 160 betting locations on them.  Every location pays the exact same payout at a rate of 35 to 1.  Except one spot on the American table, the Top Line.  Think about this.  What other  Casino game has such consistency?  None.  Every spot you place a chip pays at the same odds!  The logic here is since we can never tell what # will hit then we should balance bets so that anyplace the ball falls we net the same profit.  The next logical thing is that in order to win a lot we have to cover a lot of #’s. Right?  Yes.  However, when we increase our places bet, we win very little and when we lose we lose a lot.  This surfaces a NEW problem.  How to recover the loss before another loss.  All we have to do is play a lot of numbers, and figure out a way to catch up to losses before the next loss. Not an easy task.   If we could do this we can stay ahead of the casino.  This is simply all we have to figure out.  What make it difficult is the fact the the payouts are ALL at the same odds, 35 to 1.  At this rate it will erode out wins slowly.  If it erodes our wins slowly then it behooves us to win quickly and get off the table before we lose or before the odds erode our profits.   Ok, so now we have to resolve 2 issues we face. Recover losses and do it quickly.  Obviously not as easy as it sounds.  So let’s think about this.  We know some systems help.  Maybe not long term but many help short term.  At times it seems easy to win but hard to leave a winner. That surfaces another issue we have to deal with.  Our “Greed”.  OK, now we have 3 things to resolve.  Control our (1) greed, & (2)recover and do it (3)quickly.  Systems help with chip management.  A good system will also tell you what you can expect and therefore help us recover quickly and even tell us when to walk thereby even help us control greed.   Assuming we found a truly GOOD system we will soon realize the Wheel / Ball doesn’t know we found a good system and all too often we loose more than we win. So now we have a new problem.  We have a good system but it’s not always good.  What do we do next?  And I think this is the key to everyone’s problem….. finding a system that wins consistently.  What if there is none that can win often enough to keep you ahead of the casino?  Ah! A new problem.  Ok, we are finding solutions, now let’s figure this one out.  What if we find then added & combined a few good systems.  Then is it possible that while one may be loosing the others would prop it up and reduce the losses that we need to recover from?  If so, we recover more quickly.  That sounds good.  What if they all are running good?  That gets us off the table even faster than any one system could do it all by it self.  Yes, sometimes they all lose and it surely hurts but if they are GOOD systems then 3 or 4 systems tied together can bring back big losses quickly.  I like quickly in most things.  Ok, we have our answer.  Now go out and find 3 or 4 GOOD systems and combine them and if they are really GOOD you will win more often and more quickly.  Will you win every time.  Nope.  But played properly will we win more than we lose.  If you are careful and have GOOD systems, practice them, know their capabilities, and don’t push them beyond their capabilities and you will win more than you lose.  Now wasn’t that was easy?  OK,  GO FIND 3 OR 4 GOOD SYSTEMS & COMBINE THEM PROPERLY.  

Allow us to get this out in the open and cleared right up front.  If you are looking for the “Holy Grail”, a system that you can just sit down and play ALL day and just keep winning guaranteed….there is no such thing yet.  Not even ours.  We have never claimed you can spin 1000 spins and just keep winning.  If you are looking for that you can stop reading right now and save yourself a lot of time. 

However, we actually do have 5 systems that win consistently.  Ones that we usually stay on a table 15 to 20 minutes and most often leave a net 24 to 36 chips ahead.  Yes there are times we break our own rules and sit at the same table for hours and often win and sometimes win all our color to our side of the table but that is gambling and we DO NOT recommend it.  Yes it is fun but it is gambling.  If you really must do it use $1 chips.  By the way when we get greedy we have often lost. 

What we can say about our systems is that if you play by the simple rules and don’t push it, you will be a very consistent winner.  Hence PIGS GET FAT and HOGS GO TO SLAUGHTER.  In over 20 years of playing only roulette we have found no better systems.  However, even if our systems didn’t work (which they do) don’t you think you are smart enough to pick up a $100 worth of good advice from over 700 pages of advice & an hour + long Video?

If anyone says they tried our N/O/C/D Barbi System for single zero tables & Double Zero tables and they don’t work as we claim they are simply misleading you because they either  are going to recommend their own systems or book or they are of the very simple mindset that nothing can work.  To these people we say sorry “YOUR LOSS”.

Then you have all those system naysayers  who will criticize some one else's system  while anonymously selling their own like RouletteSystemReview.  You might not realize they are pushing theirs but it's theirs.  On the other hand because someone never found one that works they claim someone else's can't win on nothing wins.  Don't fall for that one!    

 If there is one thing life has taught all of us it's to Never say Never.

If someone tries to sell you a system that can continually work and continually rake in profits be careful.  To our knowledge a system like that doesn’t exist.  A System doesn’t work by just getting on a table and the money keeps rolling in. Nor can you plug a system into a computer and see it 1000 spins later showing more & more profit.   

Strictly mechanical systems don’t work this way.  The best you can expect is that a good system is designed to bring you;

       1.   Close to the House edge;

2.   Help you manage your money to maximize wins and minimize losses;

3.   Gives you the staying power until the good runs and allows you time to bring your special techniques to the table, in our case a decisive advantage over the casino;

4.   Systems are a guide for you through the various methods and a way to just avoid random betting which rarely ever works.

5.   A good system establishes  a win / walk goals and stop losses for you.

6.   A good system allows you the time to employ your knowledge, skill, and intellect. 

Your worst, worst, worst enemy is greed, greed, greed and the lack of knowledge. 

There are millions of people all over the globe looking for a "fool-proof" system.  They are on a quest for their holy grail. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a fool-proof LONG PLAY system.  All systems, even good ones, are speculative and risky and are to be used with a good deal of caution and common sense.  The better the system the less you have to contribute.  If you want a fool-proof system, then you're just a fool. Get over it. Face the facts that such systems don't exist.  It’s time to get busy using what's available instead of chasing an impossible dream.  There is nothing better than our N/O/C/D Barbi System so get to it.

Ours certainly is not a strictly mechanical system where you can plug our system into a computer and it keeps winning.   "YOU ALSO HAVE TO USE YOUR INTELLECT."   You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist just have a little common sense.  However, who cares what you use as long as you keep winning more then you lose.   We have to bring our intellect and knowledge to the table and be ready to immediately adapt based on a good system, human intelligence, experience and gut.... and computers are not quite there yet.    You will see that a good system and making accurate intelligent decisions is the only HOLY GRAIL.


                                GET BETTER OR GET BEATEN

WE HAVE ROULETTE SYSTEMS THAT TRULY WORK, OUR BOOK IS ALWAYS NEW AS WE CONTINIOUSLY UPDATE IS AND ARE CURRENTLY IN OUR 135TH EDITION.  THAT'S RIGHT 135TH EDITION.   AS WE LEARN SOMETHING NEW & IMPORTANT OR MAKE AN IMPROVEMENT WE EMAIL YOU THE UPDATE.    Free Newsletters...continually updating our book.  A BOOK THAT CONDENSES 50 + BOOKS AND 50 + SYSTEMS 5 THAT WORK AND WE PROVE IT FIRST.   THOUSANDS OF TIPS.  IF ONLY 1 TIP WORKS YOU PAID FOR THE BOOK.   Are you tired of loosing?  Would you like to win for a change ?  How about winning 20 TO 30+ chips in 4 to 15 spins or 200 to 300 chips in an evening? 20 $1CHIPS = $20, $5 = $100, $25 = $500, $100 = $2,000.  You have come to the right place.  In fact, we are proud to say you have come to the ONLY place that can help you win with consistency.  Moreover, we are willing to prove it to you before you even buy our book or systems.  That’s right, prove it to you first.  Do you know why no one else has offered proof first?  That’s because no one else can beat the casino with any consistency, EXCEPT US.   We have the Systems...          

                               on this web



By Richard A. Grace and Barbara A. Grace


roulettesystems, casino gambling, roulette system

    roulettesystems, casino gambling, roulette system



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We system sellers strain to find ways to convince our customers that our systems work. 

 Some customers actually ask to see them work and then they will buy them.....yeah right. 

We figured besides everything else we list on our web site,  we might also try listing some of the various reasons our

system actually beats the casino.

Everyone is skeptical, and rightfully so, especially about someone claiming they have a system that works.  The only reason why

 most everyone says systems don't work is because to our knowledge no one, except for us, has ever found or

designed one that works consistently and satisfactorily.   We have been improving our systems for probably 20+ years. 

There are few, if any, other then ours, that do work.  So what makes ours different?   Allow us to give you some reasons

why our works. 

After reading these explanations hopefully you will see it is possible for a system to work.   We don't want to sound

egotistical but if you don't buy our book / systems it's your loss.   Now to some of the reasons our system works.

If you would like to make from $100 to $1,000 an hour in the most relaxed and pleasant way you can imagine, then

you have clicked onto the right web site.   It is a mathematically-based system that incorporates years of testing

with high speed computers and perfectly balanced wagers.  Roulette was designed to mathematically beat us

 and the only way to win is to find a mathematical  way to find a slight edge. 

Let’s first be honest...it never hurts to have good fortune at the table. 

1. The more #’s you cover the less good fortune you need. 

2. The more #’s you cover the better your odds are of hitting.  As I am sure you know , the problem with covering a

lot of #'s is that you win small and loose big. Not with the OUR Barbi System.

3.  Between the two systems, within 2 spins with the New Barbi and the Old Barbi you cover every single # on the table.

4.  Since we don't know which # will hit than a balanced return is very important.  No matter which # you hit on in either system you win the same amount of money.  All the bets and returns are balanced.

5.  On the New Barbi you cover 81% of the table.  On the 1st spin you have 81.08% chance of winning. 

 As long as you don't change your bets then on the 2nd spin 96.42% and on the 3rd spin 99.32% chance of winning. 

6.  On the Old Barbi you cover 73% of the table.  On the 1st spin you have 73.67% chance of winning. 

As long as you don't change your bets then on the 2nd spin 94.09% and on the 3rd spin 98.57% chance of winning.   How do these

% compare with outside bets of 50/50.

7.  Between both systems you cover an average of 77% of the table.  This translates to hitting better than 3 out of 4 spins. 

 Since you only need 2 spins to recover from a loss the odds are well in your favor.

8.  If you lose you can get back all your losses in 2 spins and since the odds of us winning are better than 3 out of 4 spins

then the odds are with us.

9.  Playing the two systems back to back allows us to cover all the numbers on the table and than some within 2 spins.

10.  Being able to pick the table we play on is an advantage.   We give you simple selection rules.

11.  Being able to play either on a single zero or Double 00 table is an advantage when using the Barbi Systems.

12.  We instill discipline with a set system and having great discipline and knowing the best time to “Win” and “Loss” Walk

is a big advantage.

13.  We hate progressive betting but after 1 or 2 losses our systems have better then a 99% chance of winning so we can

in good conscience  increase our bets and usually win.

14.  On the New Barbi if we decide to skip the last street hit then we make even more money when we win and we lose less

money if we were to lose.   While covering 73% of the table. 

15.  With a decent amount of EXPERIENCE you can stay on the table for as long as you want making a gradual profit as

 you go along.    With a little risk, it’s not unusual to win ALL your color to your side of the table and then get paid  off in value chips.

16.  Because we alternate systems and while covering so many #’s we don’t have to worry about loosing due to infrequent repeaters.

17.  With allot of practice and experience using our systems you can turn a game of “Chance” into a game of “Skill”.

18.  Believe it or not, if you know what to look for “Trends” and “The Law of Averages” can help you see into the future

(determine the odds) often enough to keep you ahead of the casino.  It's exactly like "Card Counting".  Playing to the odds is key.

19.  During play you have the options to bet either aggressively or conservatively depending on what you feel is happening or due.

20.  The  Barbi wins because you are totally flexible and can you play conservatively and don’t double too often unless you are comfortable of a win.

21.  The Barbi wins because you have a good system with a predetermined set of rules and sticking to them is an advantage.

23.  Covering red or black, even or odd type bets or the dozen type bets leave too many numbers open for the casino to beat you. 

Playing the outside and covering for example red, you cover 18 #’s (48.65%) and the casino has 19 #’s (51.35%) on a single zero table and you have 18#'s (47.37%)  and the casino has 20 #'s (52.63%) on a double zero table.  They have more than half the numbers .  On a single zero table the spread between you and the casino is 2.7% and on a double zero table the spread between you and the casino is 5.26%.

....Those are terrible odds against you.  We take these odds and reduce them to just a cut on our winning bets.  You can do the same. Our Systems simply has a DECISIVE ADAVANTAGE over the Casino. Our