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Angelika system

Angelika system – a successful strategy

Would you like to increase your chances of making a profit from online casino? Clever use of roulette systems gives you a conscious way of playing and reducing the risks of losing. A popular strategy is the Angelika strategy, named after a German woman in the 1960s who managed to make a decent sum of money by using this.

How does the Angelika system work?

In the Angelika system you determine your starting bet and a betting unit in advance. For example we are using a starting bet of € 5 and a betting unit of € 1. For the first spin of the wheel on the roulette table you use your starting bet. If you win, your next betting unit is 1 unit lower. In this case, this would be € 4. Whenever you lose a spin, your next bet should be 1 unit higher. At the same time you also play on 3 simple chances. Have you lost a complete series? Try your luck at another table and play there by doubling your bet.

The Angelika system is a variation of the D'Alembert system

Just like the Ascot system, the Angelika system is a variation of the D'Alembert system. After each loss, you basically put in one unit higher. After a win, you choose to make your bet one unit lower. At the same time, you also bet on three single chances: Red/Black, high/low and odds/evens.

Named after Angelika Tepperwein

In Germany in the sixties, the Angelika system was a very popular system after Angelika Tepperwein who used this system to make a fortune in several casinos in the country. She had devised this method herself. Quite clever if you can create something that is still being used by roulette players from all over the world some 50 years on.

Try the Angelika system yourself

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will always win with this system, but if you place small bets, chances are that you will go home with more money than what you started with. The advantage of placing small bets also includes that you can take your time to see if this system works for you. The ultimate decision is up to you. Will you keep using this system or try one of the other roulette systems to increase your chances of winning in the casino.

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