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Ascot system – systematic set up

Whether you choose to play roulette or select another game in the casino in which you can double your winnings, the Ascot system is a convenient system that you can use. You only bet on 1/1 chances. That is, a win means that you double the money that you bet. When you play roulette, stick to odd/even, 1-18/19-36 or red/black. The Ascot system is seen as an old-time roulette system and has been used by roulette players from all over the world for quite a few years.

How the Ascot system works

If you play roulette using the Ascot system, you start with a series of written numbers on a piece of paper. This can be as many numbers as you want, but it is best to have an odd number of numbers ready. To keep it simple (and not too expensive) you could choose the numbers series 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 for example.

The Ascot system: placing bets

The first time you place a bet, put in the number of chips that is equal to the middle number of your number series. If you play with € 1 chips, then your first bet in this case will be € 4. If you win this round, make your next bet 1 series number higher than your previous bet. In this example that would be € 5. For every bet that you win, you go one step higher in your sequence of numbers. When you lose, your next bet should be 1 number lower down in the series. This ensures that you will never lose a lot of money in one go, because if you do lose, your next bet is to be lower than your previous one. You stop your bets once you are either at the bottom or at the top of your series of numbers. Then you start all over again. You can continue to use your old numbers, but maybe you want to go try a different series this time.

Long games with the Ascot system

Whoever uses this system in the casino, can be assured of long playing times. You can't lose a lot of money all at once, because you always place small bets. The disadvantage of this system shows when you have alternate wins and losses. In a series of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, this is not immediately a disaster because you always win € 4 and lose € 5 for example. On balance this is a loss of € 1 per 2 spins. However, if you had chosen a sequence of numbers in which the numbers are further apart, then this system may be your downfall. Say you choose 2-3-5-8-13-20-30, this means you keep winning € 13 and your loss is always € 20. Your negative balance is € 7 per 2 spins and you would surely want to avoid this at all times.

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