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Columns strategy

Columns strategy – bets per column

There are many roulette systems that can help you to increase your chances of playing profitable online roulette. One of these methods is the columns strategy. For this, you bet on columns 1/12, 13/24 and 25/36. The pay out on these columns is 2 to 1. This means: bet €10 and win, and you get €30 back. This makes you a €20 profit.

How does the columns strategy work?

If you use the columns strategy, you always bet per column. You place a small bet on the first column, in the second column you place double this bet and in the third column you place four times your first bet on the table. You then double your small bet with every spin increase the other bets proportionately. This is easy to do without having to think too much about earlier spins and numbers that have come up already.

Variations on the columns strategy

The columns strategy is actually a variation on the Red bet strategy. You can also amend this strategy further yourself. It is sometimes also played as follows: only the two outer columns are used. The third bet per turn is on the colour black (note that the betting figure is the same everywhere for this variation). By choosing the two outer columns, all of the red numbers are covered, except for 4 red numbers in the middle column. The bet on black can then actually be seen more as a type of insurance.

Select your favourite columns strategy

However you want to apply the columns strategy to your own game is of course entirely up to you. Try out both systems (perhaps by playing in an online casino where you can practice without using your own money), and see what you feel most comfortable with, and what you think will increase your chances of winning as much as possible. Do you need any tips about what online casinos are best for you to use to play? Then please take a look at our online casino review.

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