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Memory game roulette – a number does not often come up twice

If you choose an online strategy for playing roulette, then you naturally do this to get the best possible chance of winning. One game strategy that is widely used is the memory game roulette. This system is based on the theory that a number will not come up again quickly in roulette once it has come up already. You always choose to bet on the numbers that have not come up yet.

Memory game roulette: how do you play this?

How can you apply this method best? First of all, watch a number of roulette games without betting. Remember the numbers that come up (tip: write them on a piece of paper!). The only thing you have to do now is to place bets on all of the numbers on the table, with the exception of the numbers that you have noted down or remembered. Do this as you would play for example, the colour red or black. For instance, if black has already come up a large number of times, then the chances of red coming up next time are higher for the next spin.

Memory game using the last three numbers

Most players actually only remember the last 3 numbers that have come up and avoid those three numbers when placing their bets. They place 1 bet on all of the other numbers. You then do win if the numbers that have already come up, do not in fact come up again. OK, profit may not be very much (you put in 33 and get back 36) but your chances of actually winning are much better. Do you think this gaming strategy is something for you? Try it out in one of the online casinos.

Roulette has no memory

The game of roulette itself has no memory. So if a number has not come up 84 times or has come up 8 times in a row instead, chances are still equal in both situations that the same number will come up again next time. The roulette table wheel cannot think about its previous spins itself. However, by using the memory game when playing roulette, you do increase your chances of winning.

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