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The New Barbi system by Richard Grace

The New Barbi System

The New Barbi is one of the best roulette systems invented by Richard Grace. With the New Barbi you are covering 10 out of 12 streets or 81% of the table.

You can bet a 1X or 2x multiple. The Table Layout at the bottom is a 2x multiple bet. = 2 Chips /10 Streets. We place 2 chips on 10 Streets & for ease you can place your Bet 2 chips per street, 4 chips per double street, or 8 chips per Dozen. This is a total 20 chip bet with a 4 chip net win or a 20 chip loss.

The bet covers 81% of the single zero table. With our money management, if you did lose you'd make it back in 2+ spins or 1 double bet win.

Since you have covered 81% on a single zero table, you have 4 in 5 chances of hitting your numbers and with reasonable luck and discipline you should stay ahead of the casino. Keeping a close eye on the charting board increases our advantage for staying ahead.

Besides the 81% coverage another very important factor when playing the New Barbi is that you are covering 10 streets out of 12 on the table. How we chose which streets to skip is to watch the charting board and skip the last 2 streets that just came out. So on the example table at the bottom the last 2 streets that we assume that came out were the 7 street and the 22 street. That is why we didn't bet them. It could have just as easily been any other 2 streets. You may also play the 0, 1, 2 or the 0,2,3 in substitute of a Street. This covers the O and I would places this bet a little early after the 0 has missed 12 spins.

New Barbi System bet
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