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The Old Barbi system by Richard Grace

The Old Barbi System

The Old Barbi is one of the systems invented by Richard Grace. With the Old Barbi you are covering 28 out of 37 or 75.7% of the table.

Buy in for $1, $5, or $25 chips or any combination of chips (optional). The recommended Buy in is for 3 stacks of chips for each 1x multiple. Start with $1 chips or lowest chip value available until you know how to play roulette with the Old Barbi System. Then play at any chip value and any multiple that makes you comfortable.

When getting on a table, bet as shown on the picture. If you hit one of your groups of numbers, skip that group on the next spin then re bet it. If you are on a good table but take a loss or 2 you can double all your bets to make up the loss.

Walk when you reach your win goal of a +27% to +33% (+16 to +20 chips profit) including bets on the table. If you reach your win goal and feel you are now due for losses, you can walk or reduce your bets. If we bought in with and are using all casino money then we usually (not always) choose to press for higher profit by pushing for more profits.

Old Barbi System bet


Quad bet pay 8 to1 and are due 1 in 9.5 spins.
Double Street bet pay 5 to 1 and are due 1 in 6.33.

Add 1 chip on each Double Street when neither Double Street has come out in 5 spins.
Add 1 chip on each Quad when the quads haven't hit in 5 spins.

If you decide to keep playing, you can take advantage of Hot Streaks by locking up a guaranteed profit of everything over 150% of your buy in (including your bets on the table) into guarantee piles. Keep playing until you have lost your original 50% profit, or lost 1 or 2 spins in a row (your choice). Never touch your original buy in and never touch what you placed in the guarantee piles. After locking up an amount equal to an additional 50% of your buy in into your guarantee piles you could raise all of your bets. Only what is over your buy in and guarantee pile is at risk.

You must make all bets as shown. Do not unbalance your bets. You can never just add or subtract a chip here and there or you'll destroy the delicate balance of this system and cause a disaster. Never play lucky numbers or birthdays. Besides you are covering just about every number at one time or another anyway. To increase you must go up a full multiple. Never get on a table that has just opened. It is imperative that the table has a charting board. If not than you must chart the table for at least 15 spins to avoid tables that have too many repeat numbers or more then 1 or 2 repeat groups out of the last 20 spins. A repeat group is one that repeats within the next spin. We usually bet with the law of averages. With the unique Barbi money management system the more you win the less you risk, the less you risk the more you win. You must have courage. This system often springs back from heavy losses but you should walk if and when you reach a stop loss = to –90% (- 54 chips) of the recommended buy in of chips or 3 losses in a row. It is often easier to walk and chart for a new table than try and stay and win it back on a cold table. When you walk don't look back, it could influence your next walk.

Luck runs in cycles

Recognize an unlucky table early. Recognize bad luck early and leave. Don't stay thinking your luck will change, it will, it often gets worse. Set modest daily win and loss walks. You must have the discipline to stick to them or you will probably give back your winnings or if you are loosing you'll probably loose more. Don't bet over your head or take risks unless you can afford them. Bet cautiously. Don't chase losses and don't try to catch up too quickly. If you feel your luck is bad or might be changing you are probably right, walk. If you are in doubt you can reduce your bets to the house minimum or reset your bets onto all 3 streets. Don't press bad luck. All systems lose sometimes, including this one. After heavy losses, you should walk when and if you climb back close to breakeven. Do not wait to breakeven or for another win, it never comes. Always walk when you are supposed to unless you are playing with casino money. Memorize & never deviate from this system.

Rule number 1: Play, Win, Walk. Remember, "Get better or get beaten."
Wait until 2 or 3 house numbers come out then start betting. House numbers are the numbers that you are not betting. In this case the house numbers are 4/ 7, 16/ 19, 22/ 23/ 24, 34/ 35/ 36.

I look to get on a table trending these numbers: 5, 6, 8, 9 / 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 / 17, 18, 19, 21 / 23, 24, 26, 27 / 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33.

It may seem difficult to spot these tables but it isn't hard & you will get used to spotting these better tables quickly.

How to handle the 5/9, 4/8, 17/21, 16/20, 23/27, 22/26 quads

The orange circles on the table above are the alternate bet for the quads.

Start out with the 5/9 quad bet and stay there until the 6 or 9 come out then on the next bet switch to the 4/8 quad and stick with it until 4 or 7 come out then switch back to the 5/9 quad. Unless one is trending, in that case do not switch. A trend is two in a row.

Start out with the 17/21 quad bet and stay there until the 18 or 21 come out then on the next bet switch to the 16/20 quad and stick with it until 16 or 19 come out then switch back to the 17/21 quad. Unless one is trending, in that case do not switch. A trend is two in a row.

Start out with the 23/27 quad bet and stay there until the 22 or 25 come out then on the next bet switch to the 22/26 quad and stick with it until 22 or 25 come out then switch back to the 23/27 quad. Unless one is trending, in that case do not switch. A trend is two in a row.


The Old Barbi System's bets are totally balanced & designed with Math in mind. We never really know where the ball will land. Therefore EVERY bet should be balanced. More importantly on EVERY betting location returns 4 chips.

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