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Parlay roulette strategy

Parlay system – play roulette systematically

You will never be guaranteed a profit of course, but by using a roulette strategy you can increase your winning chances. One option is to use the Parlay system. In short, this gaming strategy involves the following steps: you choose a starting bet and a profit amount that you want to win and you play until you actually make that profit. The good thing is that you can choose to do this for any kind of bet. This means that you are not bound to odd/even chances for instance, but you can also bet on a single number, or on a series of numbers.

How does the Parlay system work?

As already stated, you use the Parlay system until you win the amount that you have predetermined. You start with a bet that you feel comfortable with, and every time you win, you bet your total profit at the next turn. If you lose you go back to placing your starting bet only. For example, suppose you are playing with 10 euro and you want to make 200 euro profit. You start by putting 10 euro on red. If you win, you have 20 euro to play with. You then bet on black and win again, making your total profits 40 euro. Now you put your 40 euro on a dozen (1-12) and you win again, making your total profits 120 euro. You then put everything on red, you win and you have made 240 euro. This means you stop now, because your profit target has been achieved.

Tips for the Parlay system

You only stop betting once you have reached your profit target. Try to set a target that is not too different from your starting bet, otherwise you will need to win many times in a row. What makes this system especially popular is that you can also vary your betting approach. You do not need to bet on just black/red or odd/even, but you can also choose to bet on a dozen, on a series or on a column for instance; you choose. However, keep a close eye on your losses as well. Maybe it is useful for you to also set yourself a predetermined maximum loss limit. For example, a limit of up to a loss of 100 euro; if you want to bet 10 euro per turn, this allows you to bet up to 10 times. If you don't do this in advance, the Parlay strategy can become pretty expensive.

The advantage of the Parlay system

Because you have set yourself limits in advance, your play at the roulette table will be much more disciplined. This makes it much easier to keep your head and this strategy is especially ideal for people who want to make a big profit in a short time.

It is nevertheless still true that the casino will always win. No matter what system you use: If you play for years, you will always end up losing money over the long term. The Parlay system can at least provide you with a system that is fun to play and if things do go well, make it possible to make large profits in the short term.

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