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Paroli system

Paroli system – play roulette strategically

Of course there is no roulette system that will always guarantee profits, but there are plenty of systems that can increase your chances of making a profit. For example the Paroli system that is very simple to use and works as follows: you choose a starting bet and after every winning bet, you double your next bet. You do this until you have reached your predetermined profit target or until you lose. When you do lose, you start all over again with your starting bet.

Characteristics of the Paroli system

Contrary to the Martingale roulette system, the Paroli system does not mean that you can lose all of your betting money after just a few turns. If you lose, every bet is just as high as your starting bet. Be aware of course that if you have not successfully closed off your 20 times in a row series, you will already have placed a starting bet 20 times and will therefore already made considerable losses. Also keep in mind in advance what a full profit series entails, in other words, how long this should be. For example, choose that you must win 4 consecutive turns to reach your goal. Otherwise you would continue to play, and always end up with a losing round eventually.

Example of the Paroli system

The Paroli system only works if you bet on 50/50 chances, e.g. red or black, evens or odds or on 1-18 and 19-36. To clarify this further, we'll give you an example of how the Paroli system could work out. We will base calculations on a series of '4 times in a row' to make a profit. For the first turn, you bet 1 unit. Unfortunately you lose and you have lost 1 unit. Next time, you start the series again with a bet of 1 unit. In this new series, you bet 1 unit again, and this time you win. As your second bet, you place 2 units you win again. Then you bet 4 units and keep winning. In this case, for your fourth bet in this series you would place an 8 unit bet. Once again you have been lucky and laced the right bet. Eventually you have 16 units in front of you. Given that you made two starting bets of 1 unit at the beginning, your total profit is now 14 units.

Paroli system: popular due to its simplicity

The Paroli system is fairly popular among roulette players. This is because it is easy to use and also because it is not difficult to calculate how high your next bets should be. There are even online roulette games that already have a built-in 'double' button for bets to make playing even easier. Of course you should never forget to go back to your original basic bet when you lose a turn. You do not always need to gamble on the same chance. Vary your game to keep it fun. For example, go for red and black and then play another round on evens or odds. Or change over at every next turn to play a series.

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