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Playing Roulette with low stakes

Not everyone wants to or can place big bets when playing online roulette. This depends on the size of your wallet but also on the amount of risk that you are or are not willing to take. Are you looking for opportunities to play roulette with small bets also? You can already play roulette with bets of just 10 cents! This lets you have a lot of fun playing online roulette without directly running the risk of losing a lot of money if luck does not happen to be on your side.

Depositing and betting small amounts

If you want to put in small amounts, you will not be waiting to deposit large amounts into your bank account. Fortunately, there are gambling sites where you cannot just place small bets, but where it is also possible to deposit small amounts only into your player account.

Taking less risk when playing

The main reason why people want to play roulette with smaller amounts is to reduce potential risk. It is much less upsetting after an hour of playing to have lost € 5 instead of € 500, which can be the case in roulette with high stakes. Of course you always make sure that you set a maximum betting amount in advance, but the problem with this is that after 5 minutes you may already have nothing left.

If you don't take care of the little ones......

No doubt your mother or grandmother at some stage told you: "take care of the little ones and the big ones will take care of themselves". We believe this to be 'sure as eggs'. Because by playing with smaller amounts, it is still possible to make nice profits. Even the smallest wins are still profits and not losses!

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Casino Winner Casino Winner 12/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 200,-
Royal Panda Casino Royal Panda 12/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 100,-
Mr Green Mr Green 11/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 100,-
Vera and John Vera and John 10/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 500,-
Comeon Comeon! 10/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 300,-
Leo Vegas Leo Vegas 9/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 100,-