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Reliability and honesty of online roulette

Everyone who plays online roulette would have asked him/herself at some stage if the game actually works honestly and reliably. After all, it feels like you are playing against a machine and who can guarantee that this machine (being run by its software) has been set up honestly? For all you know, this software could be used to determine the number on which the ball is going to land in the roulette wheel. Or worse: where it will not land. However you will be amazed at how honest and trustworthy things are regulated when you play roulette online.

A clean wheel

Every casino does well to ensure that their active wheel is 'clean' and without flaws. If not, it is referred to as being a biased wheel. This type of wheel causes some numbers to come up more frequently than others. If someone can work this out, they can make big profits (some experienced players have managed to do this in the past). The casino can't do anything about this. Even when they involved Judges, the answer was consistent: 'you should have checked your cylinders better'.

Flash roulette

An online roulette wheel is not actually a physical product. To be able to guarantee a fair game, online casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG). This special piece of software ensures that all falling numbers are 100% random; as is the case in standard live roulette. RNGs in casinos are checked very thoroughly and sealed by the licensing authority. An example of online roulette that uses an RNG is flash roulette. This is basically just a kind of slot machine represented as a roulette wheel and a roulette table on which you can place your bets online.

Roulette machines

What about roulette game machines such as Airball roulette (also known as rapid roulette or electronic roulette)? These machines are often located in physical casinos and gambling halls and include a roulette wheel. An electric motor turns the wheel and the little ball is propelled into the roulette wheel by air. Players sit around the machine and all have their own touchscreen. This also uses an RNG. Players have done some research and discovered that the ball is propelled into the wheel at varying speeds. The number of spins per ball before the last turn of the wheel also appeared to vary. However, this was related to the RNG: by adjusting its speed and number of spins, the ball could land on a certain section of the wheel.

Live roulette

Ultimately, live roulette will always be the fairest version of internet roulette. The roulette cylinders are checked and kept levelled. This is done by the Dutch Measurement Institute, or the NMI. This carries out measurements around the world. Live roulette cannot just be played physically in a real casino, but also in an online casino as live roulette, where live images of the roulette table are streamed to your computer.

Especially due to its set regulations (and also to protect the casinos themselves) (online) roulette is therefore always an honest game. So next time, you can feel reassured when placing your next online bets.

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