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Most people play roulette for fun, but this gambling game is also played by professional players. They no longer refer to it as gambling but rather as advantage play. Why is this? They apply the laws of physics and regard all of the other roulette systems as useless. But how does this make sense?

Some history

History has taught us that only those roulette systems that relate to physics can produce constant winnings in the long run. This also makes sense when you think about it, because the winning number is determined by two things every time: the roulette wheel and the ball. Physics is the only science that can predict and determine their outcomes. There are different methods of using the laws of physics by which to predict what the outcome of the game will be.

A small adjustment with big consequences

You will of course never be able to predict exactly what the outcome is going to be, but that does not really matter. You only need to make a correct prediction enough times to beat the roulette wheel over the long term. The casino's house profit from roulette is just 2.7% and to be able to beat this you only need to increase the accuracy of your predictions slightly.

Visual ballistics

Visual ballistics

By visual ballistics we mean that you use your eyes to guess where the ball is going to end up. You only decide this towards the end of the spin of the ball, for example when it has about 5 turns of the wheel to go.

The advantage of this is that it is easy to do and you need about 60 to 100 spins to be able to analyse this properly.

The disadvantage is that you can only place your bet late for this, and casinos will pick up quickly on what you are trying to do due to your consistent betting approach.

Dealer signatures

Dealer signatures

When we talk about dealer signatures we mean that dealers or croupiers have established patterns of how fast they turn the wheel and of how fast they roll the ball into the wheel.

This is the reason for regular exchanges of croupiers in a casino.

This does not work on every wheel and also requires the right combination of croupier and wheel.

Roulette computers

Roulette computers

By roulette computers we mean those hidden electronic devices that can measure the speed of the roulette wheel and of the ball. These can predict the numbers that will come up.

About half of the casinos permit the use of these, but casinos can also refuse entry if they know that these devices are going to be used. There are many different types, so do your research carefully before purchasing one.

Wheel bias

Wheel bias

Most of the roulette wheels have small 'flaws' or imperfections whereby some numbers will fall more often than others. Such wheels are referred to as 'biased wheels'.

At some stage in the past, someone has been able to beat a Monte Carlo casino through wheel bias.

These days, casinos regularly check that their roulette cylinders are levelled properly.

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