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Dealer signatures

Dealer signatures

When we talk about dealer signatures we mean that croupiers have established patterns of how fast they turn the wheel and of how fast they roll the ball into the wheel. After having performed this action thousands of times, some croupiers develop certain habits and rhythms that make the ball land in predictable areas on the wheel. If you are good at analysing this, you might end up making better predictions about where the ball will lands (or at least about the area). Because casinos are also aware of this, croupiers are regularly switched in a casino. In addition, this system does not work on every wheel and it is especially important to discover the right combination of croupier and wheel.

How does it work?

In dealer signatures you start by observing from what diamond (the 8 metal parts attached to the top of the cylinder above the numbers) the ball tends to bounce most often. This diamond then becomes your reference point and this is also known as the dominant diamond. You then assume that how the ball bounces is never quite unpredictable. By also noting where the ball touches the wheel, you can also determine approximately where the ball will eventually land. This is of course not completely accurate, but you do not it to be in order to beat the casino.

Analysing the patterns of the wheel and ball

Suppose that the wheel is always turned at the same speed and that the ball always travels around about 10 times before hitting the dominant diamond. This means that the ball will roll a predictable distance, and will then fall into a predictable area to continue rolling for a predictable distance. The only other thing you then need to do is to find a wheel with an associated croupier who fairly constantly displays the same behaviour.

The advantages and disadvantages of dealer signature

If you are going to use the dealer's signature system, the advantages are that it is easy to use is (after you have found the right dealer and the right wheel) and that you are making your prediction before the ball is released. Its disadvantages are that you will only beat the casino in 3% of cases (due to the nature of the current roulette wheels) and that casinos can build in factors so that you can still end up losing. Think about the constantly changing croupiers at the tables for instance. It will also probably take you quite some time to discover the right conditions (related to croupier and roulette wheel). Even a slight change in air pressure can cause the patterns to change suddenly; even for the same croupier!

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