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Visual ballistics

Visual ballistics

One of the systems you can use to play roulette based on the laws of physics is visual ballistics. For this you use your own eyes to be able to predict where the ball will land. You note at what number the ball bounces off one of the surrounding diamonds and where the ball then lands. Then you count the number of spaces in between these two points and keep written records of the results. After about 60 to 100 spins you have already collected enough data to be able to deduct something useful and also to note any remarkable outcomes.

Create a table

It may be wise to capture your results in a table or graphic chart. This will quickly show you where the peaks are. You may discover that in most cases the number that comes up falls is 11 boxes from the number where the ball bounced against the diamond. The only thing you then need to do, is to note at what number the ball enters the wheel at the next spin.

Know when the ball only has a few spins to go

Unfortunately, you're already too late to bet at that stage, so you really also need to know when the ball only a few spins left to go. Then you observe what number is located under the diamond and where the ball eventually ends up. You also record this to know how many spaces there are between these two slots.

Take note of the slowing down moment

If you look carefully at the speed of a roulette ball, you will see that at some point its speed suddenly become a lot less. At that moment, note the number under your reference diamond. Then count how many more rounds the ball continues to roll and then note the number that comes up. This data can also be captured in a table, in which you record these two numbers plus the number of slots in between them. This data will be more useful to you, because now you can place bets at the last minute. After all, over time, you will know that the chances of the ball landing this many slots further after so many spins is considerable.

Advantages and disadvantages of visual ballistics

One of the advantages of playing visual ballistics is that it is easy to use. There is not much more to it than using your own eyes and a pen and paper. Also, you only need about 60-100 spins to deduct anything meaningful about likely outcomes. Its disadvantages are, among other things, that you can only place very late bets, after the ball has already been released. The fact is also that the roulette wheels of today only give you a 3% chance of winning. And finally, casinos will notice if you are becoming constant in the way that you are placing your bets.

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