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Wheel bias

Wheel bias

To guarantee fair play every roulette wheel must be level and without causing deviations. However, it is always possible to find wheels for which this is not the case. When you are on the lookout for such a non-conforming roulette wheel, we refer to wheel bias. A wheel that is flawed (even due to the smallest of flaws) is called a biased wheel.

There have been examples of people succeeding at beating the casino in this way, but more on that later. By the way, most casinos regularly level their roulette wheel cylinders but defects can still be detected here and there.

Do biased wheels actually still exist?

Biased wheels can still be found these days. The casinos are certainly getting faster at making sure that a wheel is replaced if they think that it may be biased. Computers analyse the results of the wheels, but at least 10,000 spins are needed for this to produce useful results. Advanced techniques can luckily detect a mistake in a wheel much sooner. This could make you benefit from this before the casino finds out itself.

How does this method work?

Finding a biased wheel is a difficult task. If you think you have found a deviation, you need to analyse its mathematical results in much detail to show that there really is something wrong (or in your favour). However, more players will do this, so you will not raise much suspicion from the casino where you play. Only if the wheel is really very different, will you discover this quickly, but there is a greater chance that the casino does this before you, and has replaced the wheel itself already. In the case of a smaller deviation you will need to analyse a few thousand spins, before you have any level of certainty.

People who use the method successfully

Have you heard the story about the man who beat the bank of a casino in Monte Carlo? His name was Joseph Jagger and he won (at the end of the 19th century) a fortune after he found out what roulette wheels were biased. In the summer of 1994 a man named Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, analysed the results of a Casino in Madrid. He discovered the bias and won more than a million euros over a number of days. The casino tried to do something about this, and started legal action, but the judge rules in favour of Garcia-Pelayo. His findings were that this man had done nothing wrong and that the casino itself was responsible for not maintaining its equipment properly and for not checking its own roulette wheels.

Advantages and disadvantages of biased wheels

The advantages are that you can take advantage of a biased wheel before the casino notes this. You can also make your predictions before the ball is rolled into the wheel. The disadvantage is that you can only beat about 2% of all roulette wheels. It also takes an enormous amount of time to learn this method. Your playing behaviour can also be noticed by the casino, so they find out that you are trying to beat them. A casino can, apart from denying you access, also just replace the wheel or level it again, so that you can no longer get any benefit from it.

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