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Red Bet strategy

Red bet strategy – smart bets on red

If you want to increase your chances of winning at casino roulette, you will benefit from using a smart playing method. One of these methods is called the Red bet system. Whether you call this a roulette system or a strategy: with Red bet, you can increase your chances of winning in a casino (online). With these strategy you keep betting on red and black. On red, you double your bets, on black, you keep placing a constant bet equal to your first bet on red.

How do you play the Red bet strategy?

This method is based on the fact that you start with a bet on red. You keep doubling your bet on this colour and at the same time, you place a fixed bet (of the same value as your first bet on red) on the colour black. This will keep your winning chances at a constant level. The advantage of these method is that it is reasonably simple to use. Even if you have virtually no experience in playing casino roulette, you will have little difficulty using this strategy. You do not need to count or apply any tactics. Simply doubling bets is all you need to do.

Red bet strategy – more explanation about the name

Since it has been established statistically that most casino players choose to bet on red instead of on black, this roulette strategy is named the Red bet strategy. Admittedly, it's not the most interesting name for a strategy, but it does tell you very clearly what to do straight away because it says exactly what to do.

Tips for the Red bet strategy

To limit your losses as much as possible, here's a good tip that you can use when using the Red bet strategy. For example once the number 0 comes up, make sure that you double your next basic bet on black. This lets you recoup your loss that you made on the number 0 quickly. Keep in mind that these method gives you more chance at European roulette, since only one 0 is present in this game, instead of double 0 (as in American roulette). Of course you will never be sure of winning, so prepare yourself for possible losses.

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