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Roulette rules of the game – basic explanation

If you want to play online roulette it is important that you are aware of all of the rules related to roulette. Here you will find a comprehensive and clear overview of how the game of casino roulette works.

Components of the roulette game

In European roulette, you use a roulette table where you can place your bets, a roulette wheel with the numbers 0 to 36 and betting chips. The croupier runs every round and is not just responsible for fairness of the games, but also for their correct payouts.

The aim of roulette

The aim is to gamble on where the little ball lands in the roulette wheel for every spin. For example, you can choose one single number (1 to 36), the colour of the number (red or black), for an odd or even number, or for a high or low number. If you correctly predicted where the ball lands, you will win a profit that depends on where you have placed your bet. If it was just one number, you will get 36 times your bet back. If you selected an equally chance (such as black or red) then you win 1 times your bet. Many roulette players use a roulette strategy to try and increase their chances of winning.

Bets on the game table

An important part of the roulette game rules is when, where and how you should place your bets. A simple breakdown of how you can bet is to choose an inside bet or an outside bet. In other words: you choose to bet on the inside or on the outside of the roulette game table.

  • Red
  • Black
  • Even
  • Uneven
  • 1-18
  • 19-36
  • First dozen
  • Second dozen
  • Third dozen
  • first column
  • Second column
  • Third column
  • Sixline
  • Corner
  • Street
  • Split
  • Straight up
Description Bets Payout
Red All red numbers 1x
Black All black numbers 1x
Even All even numbers 1x
Uneven All uneven numbers 1x
1-18 Numbers 1 to 18 1x
19-36 Numbers 19 to 36 1x
1st dozen First 12 numbers 1 to 12 2x
2nd dozen Middle 12 numbers 13 to 24 2x
3rd dozen Last 12 numbers 25 to 36 2x
1st column First column with 12 numbers 2x
2nd column Middle column with 12 numbers 2x
3rd column Last column with 12 numbers 2x
Six line Block of 6 numbers 5x
Corner Block of 4 numbers 8x
Street Row of 3 numbers 11x
Split 2 numbers together 17x
Straight up Bet on one single number 35x

Roulette rules: an inside bet

For an inside bet you have 5 options. You can choose number 1 (straight) by placing your chip on the middle of the square with the number on which you want to bet. If you put a chip on the line between two numbers, then you play this split on 2 numbers at a time. If you choose the outer row or a number on the edge of the table, you play for a street of 3 numbers. If you want to play 4 numbers, put your chip exactly on the cross point where these 4 numbers come together (corner). And by choosing the outside of the table, on the line between 2 numbers, you play two blocks next to each other with these line.

Inside bets roulette

Roulette rules: the outside bets

Would you like make an outside bet in roulette, then you can opt for a column (one of three twelve-digit lines), a dozen (one of three twelve-digit boxes), the high or low numbers (1-18 and 19-36), a colour (black or red) and odds or evens. See also betting options for an image of the list of all of the attached options.

Outside bets roulette

The neighbours bet

Some roulette tables also have an oval variation in addition to the standard playing field. These can be used to place bets on various series. The numbers are the same order as on the cylinder of the roulette wheel.

The cylinder is divided into segments with their own names: the Big series, the Zero game, the Orphelin and the Small series. In addition, you can also play the neighbours bet. This means you bet on 1 number plus on the two numbers to the left and right of this.

Neighbours bets roulette

The Small Series

The small series is referred to on the playing field as SERIES 5/8. Your place 6 chips that cover 12 numbers.

The Big Series

The neighbours bet shows the Big series as SERIES 0/2/3. To bet this way, place 9 chips that cover 17 numbers.


Orphelin is French for orphan. This game is about singular numbers that have no connection to each other. This bet costs you 5 chips to bet on 8 numbers.

The Zero Game

The number zero is central in roulette, because this is the number of the bank itself. In European roulette there are 37 places (in American roulette this is 38 thanks to their double zero). In the Zero game, you bet on the numbers located around the zero: this will cost you 4 chips and you will cover 7 numbers.

Final Bets

Apart from the neighbouring game, you can also play the Final bets in many casinos. In the Finale play you bet on (combinations of) end numbers. If you chose finale 7, you would bet on numbers 7, 17 and 27. This will cost you 3 chips. Finale 2 will cost 4 chips, because you will place bets on 2, 12, 22 and 32.

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