Roulette mobile
Action Numbers
numbers spaced somewhat evenly around the wheel and always in action.
American wheel
a roulette wheel and layout that contains 38 numbers including 0 & 00.
Ball action
the way the ball reacts in a spin.
Ball out
this is the call when a ball pops out of the wheel.
Ball tester
small compass that test the ball for metal or magnets.
the total cash chips available at the table when it opens.
the total money you come to the casino with.
Basket bet
11 to 1 bet covering 2,0,00 (trio bet).
someone who bets for someone else to hide to hide their identity.
Bias wheel
worn, defective, unbalanced, or un-leveled wheel (very, very rare).
the color of 18 roulette numbers, or outside bet that pays 1 to 1.
$100 black colored chips.
holds the revolving part of the wheel.
Break even
a point at which you neither win nor lose.
Breaking the bank
winning so much that you close a gaming table.
you give the dealer your money and he gives you chips in return.
deflectors around the inside of the bowl.
Bash in
what you say when you are finished playing and want to turn in your casino value chips.
Charting the players
finding a lucky or knowledgeable winning player and Following his/her play. we gave it the name hitchhiking.
Charting the table
watching the table to see what numbers have been coming out.
Check raker
helps dealer and piles up chips (chip raker).
Chips / Checks
casino gaming tokens.
Chip fairy
someone who steals your value chips off the table.
Clocking the dealer
watching to see if the dealer is favoring a special section of the wheel.
a losing streak or player is called cold.
Color in
what you say when you are finished playing and want to turn in (cash in) your colored chips.
Column bet
wager on one of the three columns (pays 2 to 1).
the #'s where the ball comes to rest.
Comping/ Comp / Comped
term for getting things free at the casino/hotel.
Corner bet/quad bet
an 8-1 bet covering 4 numbers.
Rooked wheel
illegal wheel (very, very rare).
french term for the dealer.
he/she spins the wheel.
Dirty pile
a stack of chips with an odd color chip or different value chip in it.
will power important to long term and consistent winning.
Numbers or colors, or sections that seem to be coming out at this time.
Double street/line bet/six bet
A bet covering 6 numbers paying 5 to 1.
Double zero
38th number on the american wheel (colored green).
one of the three groups of twelve numbers (pays 2 to 1).
Drop box
the cash box where the dealer places money and tips.
having the advantage.
En prison
giving up half your bet for another spin/or stay in prison until you win or lose.
European/french wheel
a wheel & layout with 37 numbers including only 1 zero (0).
outside bets on high-low, odd-even, and red or black all paying 1-1.
Expected value
this is what you expect to win or should win if the law of average is on time.
the ball stays around the edge of the wheel and resists dropping into number compartment. after 10 turns of the wheel it's called no spin.
the man/woman in charge of the casino.
metal partitions between numbers on the wheel designed to deflect ball ensuring random play.
front money
money you deposited at the casino cage.
Full pile
20 chips equals a full pile of chips or full stack.
Green numbers
zero and double-zero (0,00).
losing slowly.
Grind joint
a casino that doesn't cater to hi-rollers.
High / low bet
even money bet that the spin comes up either the high numbers or low numbers.
big gambler, could be a winner or loser.
someone who follows someone else's betting strategy (a term we invented).
a winning streak or player is called hot.
House advantage
odds in favor of the house, house edge, vig.
House limit
prevents a player in a hot streak from hurting the casino.
House numbers
the numbers that we don't bet on, numbers the casino wins on.
House walk
walking when a lot of house numbers are coming out.
Inside bet
bets on any of the numbers, including o and oo.
Insurance or hedge bet
an additional bet that reduces your odds of losing if it hits.
Law of averages
everything evens out in time.
playing surface.
Long shot
a bet with high odds against your winning.
Loose machine
a slot machine that keeps paying off.
Loss walk
your loss walk goal (loss limit) (stop loss).
good or bad depending on a winning or losing streak.
marks the winning #'d location.
largest bet allowed.
Money management
the method of controlling your money during play.
what a dealer is doing when he/she is sorting and re-stacking chips.
the group of numbers to the immediate left and right of the winning #.
Net profit
the difference between what you bet and won.
roulettese for $5.00 value chips (checks).
an even money bet that an odd number will win.
pay back ratio example 2 to 1.
Outside bet
betting area on the layout outside the numbers.
when you bet back the entire previous winning bet.
the area where the dealer and the pit boss stands.
Pit boss
supervisor of the roulette area.
a real gambler who does well.
Player card
an id card the casino gives you.
adding chips to the last winning pile of chips.
repetitive events subject to logical observations.
chips/money in excess of what you started with.
increasing your bet.
a gambler, comes in with a short-range goal, hits his/her goal, and gets right out.
$500 purple colored value chips.
Quarters / greens
roulettese for $25.00 value chips (checks).
term to describe how the casino qualifies you for comping (free room/food/drinks).
Red / black bet
an even money bet on either red or black.
to reduce your bets.
a game of chance.
roulette terms.
a series of numbers starting with a win and ending with a loss or visa versa.
Scared money
a player who is nervous about betting.
Session bankroll
the total money you come to the table with.
a round of betting starting and ending with a win or loss.
a wise guy.
an undercover casino employee.
Short stack
a pile of chips that has fewer chips than it should.
Sky eye
person or camera watching the play.
a # that hasn't come out in a while.
Spin walk
# of spins in a row you'll lose then walk.
Split bet
a bet covering two numbers paying 17-1.
Spring value
the ability for a particular system to win back losses.
1 pile of 20 chips.
Straight-up bet
a roulette single-number bet paying 35-1.
a plan.
a run of good or bad luck.
Street bet / single street bet / trio bet
an 11-1 bet covering 3 numbers.
Sure bet
a bet with low or no odds against your losing.
method of play for winning.
Table minimum
minimum allowable on inside or outside bets.
Tall stack
a pile of chips that has more chips than it should.
sharing some of your good fortune with the casino employees.
tip to the dealer.
Top line bet
(also sometimes referred to as first five) a specific roulette bet paying 6-1 (covering 0,00,1,2,3) odds are 7.89% in favor of the house.
recognizable sequence of numbers, colors, odds, evens, columns, or sections.
Up & down table
a table where you win, lose, win, lose, win, lose.
Value chips
chips with values marked on them.
Vigorish (vig)
in roulette vigorish is the house cut or edge of 5.263% or 2.703%.
White chips
$1 while colored value chips (whites).
Win walk
your win walk goal (e.g. 30% profit).
the 37th number on a roulette wheel (colored green).
Zero zero
the 38th # on an american wheel (colored green), also called double zero.
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