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Airball roulette

Airball roulette

Airball roulette involves roulette machines. These can be found in a gaming hall/gaming room or casino. This version of auto-roulette does not involve a real croupier; the little ball is propelled into the roulette wheel by air (hence the name Airball roulette). To play, you take a seat around the roulette machine so you can place digital bets.

All winnings and losses are calculated electronically by the machine.

The difference between Airball roulette and standard roulette

At first sight, Airball roulette looks very similar to standard roulette, but in addition to the fact that there is no croupier, the spinning cylinder is located under a glass dome. All of the rules are the same and you sit or stand around the machine with other players (as you would at a real roulette table).

Computerised roulette machine

There are no human interaction factors involved in determining the outcomes in Airball roulette. The machine has software that organises the start of a new round every 60 to 90 seconds, and that the little ball is air-propelled into the game. Players do not place chips to bet, but play for real money that they have put into the machine (this can also be done with a form of credit cards). Every player faces a digital screen onto which they can place their bets. The computer itself calculates any winnings and allocates these to the player's account.

Is Airball roulette an reliable game?

It is sometimes claimed that these types of machines can determine the outcome of the spin of the ball, or can at least affect this considerably (for example by propelling the ball more or less forcefully into the game). To what extent this is true, is not up to us to say but we do find it somewhat suspect.

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