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European roulette

European roulette

There are different types of roulette distinguishable in the world of the casino: the European roulette, French roulette and American roulette. The only difference between these forms of roulette is really that in European roulette and French roulette there is only 1 zero, while the American roulette also includes a double zero.

Higher chance of winning at European roulette

Statistically speaking, your chances of winning are higher in European roulette with single zero. For example, if you place a straight bet (a bet on just one number), its chances of coming up in European roulette are 1/37, or 2.70%. In American roulette this chance is 1/38, or 2.65%. This does not seem to be a great deal of difference, but you also need to consider that if you do win, you get a 35x payout. The European roulette disadvantage is that it is still 1/37 (2.70%) whereas in American roulette it is 2/38 (5.26%). This means that for every €1,000 being gambled, €52.60 goes to 'the house' in the American variation.

How does European roulette work?

Do you want to know how to play European roulette? For a detailed explanation please go to our web page game explanation for roulette. Want to know how it works instantly? You can find a summary of basic principles of European roulette here. European roulette has a roulette wheel with 37 numbers: from 0 to 36. The croupier brings a little ball into the game by rolling it in the opposite direction of the turning roulette wheel. The number on which the ball lands on is the winning number. Depending on how and where you have placed your bet(s), you can win a cash prize.

Winnings depend on your bet

You can place bets in different ways in European roulette. For example on a whole number, but also on the colours red or black. The higher the risk involved in your bet, the higher your winnings can be. You can also bet on a series of numbers or a specific block of numbers for instance.

Feel like trying a European roulette game at an online casino? Select one that appeals to you and try to win as much money as you can.

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