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Immersive roulette

Immersive roulette

First there was roulette. For years (or actually for centuries) this game has been played in casinos all over the world. The rise of internet then led to the introduction of online roulette. Ideal of course, because this allowed roulette games to be played when it suited best. But the players wanted more and various gambling sites came up with live roulette. This simulated the real casino feelings best. You played at home, but thanks to a camera recording the actions and calls of croupiers, you could imagined yourself being in a real casino. However, the providers of live roulette have now even gone a step further with a brand new version: immersive roulette.

What is immersive roulette?

Immersive roulette is an improved version of live roulette. Instead of there being 1 camera that records all of the actions of the croupier and the game, this uses many as 14 HD cameras. You can decide what cameras you want to watch. It is also possible to zoom in on certain things. One particular detail is that the dropping of the ball can be seen in slow motion. This directly ensures even more thrills and spills during live roulette games.

Even more realistic live roulette play

The game of roulette itself has not changed at all. But the feeling you get when you play live roulette is much better when you play immersive roulette. You might feel as though you can actually touch the croupier: that's how close you are to see everything that happens on the table. Nice if the croupier happens to be attractive....The area in which the croupiers sit are also very well lit so that everyone seems to almost literally pop off of your screen. I'm sure you will truly enjoy playing your immersive roulette games.

Try out immersive roulette yourself

Play immersive roulette and discover how real everything feels in this form of the game. Immersive roulette is a game by Evolution Gaming and is offered on the market by Royal Panda Casino.

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