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Multiwheel roulette – spread out your chances

Would you like to spread out your chances as much as possible when playing roulette? Choose to play Multiwheel roulette so that you can play on multiple roulette wheels at the same time at the same time, while you only need to place bets on one playing field. The more wheels you use, the more likely it is that your number comes up on one of the wheels.

Multiwheel roulette: derived from poker

The idea of Multiwheel roulette originated in the online poker game. This offered the option of playing on multiple tables at the same time for some time. Now this is also possible when you are playing roulette. You can choose in advance how many wheels you want to play roulette. For every turn, you spread out your chances, but keep in mind that your bet depends on the number of wheels you want to play. For example, if you put € 10 to a number and you play on 8 wheels at the same time, your total bet is € 80 for that round. You are really playing 8 games at the same time, for which you are using the same bet per game.

How do you play Multiwheel roulette?

It is really quite simple to play Multiwheel roulette in an online casino. It is exactly the same as European roulette only now, you can play on multiple wheels at the same time. You can also play the neighbours game and you can use so-called 'call bets'. These are groups of predetermined combinations of bets on numbers that produce a certain level of winnings.

Try Multiwheel roulette yourself

Does Multiwheel roulette appeal to you but would you rather practice first before you bet with real money? Online you can find different practice games for Multiwheel roulette. Check out MyJackpot Casino and find out what it is like to play simultaneously on multiple wheels.

Try Multiwheel roulette

Choose an online casino and play Multiwheel roulette for real money
Live Games
Casino Winner Casino Winner 12/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 200,-
Royal Panda Casino Royal Panda 12/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 100,-
Mr Green Mr Green 11/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 100,-
Vera and John Vera and John 10/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 500,-
Comeon Comeon! 10/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 300,-
Leo Vegas Leo Vegas 9/12 Yes EUR/USD/GBP 100,-