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Roulette tips and tricks for every player

If you play roulette (as a professional or just for fun) chances are that you are looking for smart tips and tricks. However, most pages on the internet on this subject try to direct you to their own gambling sites or to those of affiliated parties. At least we just provide you with useful, legitimate and effective roulette tips to help you increase your chances of making profits in an online casino. We make a distinction between our tips for professional roulette players and tips for recreational players.

Roulette tips for professional players

  1. Play close to the House Edge
  2. Many systems win slow and small, lose fast and big
  3. Proper Money Management is a must
  4. Total Discipline is required
  5. Don't be greedy
  6. You must have an intelligent, well thought out system
  7. No random betting
  8. Don't play too long
  9. Play, Win, Walk
  10. Focus not only on outside bets because you cannot beat the casino in the long term. The outside bets do not represent the entire roulette wheel, as opposed to the inside bets that do represent specific parts of the wheel.
  11. Use the physical properties of the roulette wheel to predict where the ball will land. This is the only way to beat the roulette wheel.
  12. Never base your betting strategy on the lay-out of the table. Focus on the wheel and the ball only and not on the table.
  13. Play only at European single zero tables that use a real roulette wheel, for example live roulette in an online casino. If it is only a computer animation, then you can be sure that it is not a real wheel and that you are actually just dealing with a video slot. These cannot be beaten because there are no physical aspects to them that can determine the outcome of the game.
  14. Understand the cause and effect of winning numbers. Physical conditions will always control where the ball will land.
  15. Take care not to be noted by a casino for showing signs of playing behaviour that indicates playing professional roulette. So be careful or you will no longer be able to play there.
  16. Accept that some days you will incur losses. Even with the right system you will not always make a profit.
  17. Read all about theory on professional roulette on our website.

Roulette tips for recreational players

  1. Assume that you will probably lose. You may have some luck, but your losing chances are much higher.
  2. Think carefully about the chances of winning something based on your chosen bet. If you bet on just one number, you theoretically have a 1 in 37 chance of profit. That may well be too little if you play for fun and you would then be better off for example by placing outside bets on red and black.
  3. Increasing or doubling your bet after a loss can weigh heavily on your bank balance. You also need to keep in mind maximum bets, stopping you from doubling your bet at a certain point (even if you wanted to).
  4. Also avoid betting too aggressively after wins or losses. Choose a slightly less aggressive form of betting, for example betting + 1 after a loss and -1 after a win. This allows you to keep playing for longer and also enjoying it.
  5. Note that some casinos (especially when they have no real roulette wheel) just cannot be beaten. There seem to be casinos that predetermine spin results on the basis of the amount that the casino has already paid out. For example with software that will only make profits possible for players after others have already lost a lot of money.
  6. Set a limit for how much money you are going spend each time and then also make sure to stick to this.
  7. Don't just play to recoup losses. Accept losses as being normal, or you could be heading for a gambling addiction problem.
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