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About system playing

A system is a very specific set of rules that must be followed in order to obtain the desired results.
There are 3 ways of beating the casino:

  1. Cheat
  2. Watch (clock) for a biased (warped or broken) wheel.
  3. Mathematical systems with educated predictions.

Systems keep you at the table longer, minimize losses and maximize wins. They hopefully keep you in the game long enough for your turn of luck. Some systems actually work, but you must have a lot of knowledge and discipline for them to work properly. In most cases they win small and lose fast. A System doesn't work by just getting on a table and the money starts rolling in. Systems don't work that way. They are designed to:

  1. Bring you close to the house edge.
  2. Help you manage your money to maximize wins and minimize losses.
  3. Give you the staying power for the good runs.
  4. Basically, they are a guide for you through various methods and force you to avoid random betting which rarely ever works anyway.
  5. Systems also help you establish your win goals and stop losses.

You can't be impatient, the numbers don't always come out the way they are so called "supposed to". System playing is a tool or a weapon. like all weapons, you should know all about them and practice, practice and practice any system before going to the table and play roulette for real money in a casino. Different things happen on different days. You should recognize them. With experience (hopefully most of it at home) you will. However, even experienced players make mistakes at the table.

One of the best tips to win at roulette is that every move or bet must be based on the mathematical probability success ratio. The problem with most systems is that, while they win slow and steady, they have a tendency to lose fast and lose big. Every good system wins more than its loses but when it loses, it loses big. Of course, if you notice the change early and manage your betting strategy, you can control your losses. System players tend to experiment all the time, never satisfied, quite often turning a good system into a losing one. I speak from vast, vast, vast experience. Knowledge and experience are of paramount importance in changing or designing a system. When designing a system, you need one that provides the highest win ratio as compared to your investment (bet). Many roulette systems that work wins only with the proper number of chips in their proper place. it's very specific. One chip either way can totally destroy a system.

Richard Grace.

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