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Trends in roulette

You can analyse the charting boards on the tables and look for possible trends. No one can deny that short term trends happen, because we see them all the time. The easy ones to spot are the groups of red or groups of black numbers that come out. Online at live roulette tables you can look for trends in a special "statistics" tab.

Watch out for those tables or even entire days when the house numbers come out and yours don't. If you hit a cold, cold table, one that eats you up alive two times in a row, or even two times in the same day, take the hint, it's cold. Don't go on that table again, it won't turn, we've never seen it turn.

You may not be superstitious but, playing roulette has a way of making you superstitious. Depending on the system used, there are three types of trends for you to recognize.

  1. Alternating trends - colors, odd, even, high or low alternate when they come out.
  2. Group trends - there will be times when a group of one will come out then a group of the other.
  3. No trends - there will be times when no pattern (trend) is visible. This, believe it or not, is a trend.

Everything has its cycles

The first things you must recognize is that you have bad luck days. Recognize them and don't push your luck. You will wipe out your entire bankroll. It takes discipline, but you must quit when you are having bad luck. You'll have a run of good tables, run of bad, run of good numbers, run of bad, run of good luck, run of bad. The hard part is getting there at the right time and leaving at the right time. Charting gives you an edge but doesn't remove all the risk. We have a lot of tricks to keep winning at roulette in the long-term but considering runs of bad luck, bad runs and bad tables do come, it's most important to have win walk and loss walk goals for your entire trip to the casino.

Bet with or against the trend?

There are many people who have lost incredible sums of money because they tried to bet against the trend at the roulette wheel. I once saw nineteen consecutive red numbers help a man who was betting black lose several thousand dollars. He was betting against the short-term trend. At the same table, another guy raked in over a thousand dollars by identifying the trend and betting red in order to ride it to the end. The easiest way to ensure that you bet with the trend is to bet the same color as the previous spin. If red wins, bet red to win again. If black wins, bet black. By doing this, you are pretty much guaranteed to profit from short-term streaks when they happen.


There is no such thing that, after a certain section or number coming out, another specific section or number comes out. For example, 0 usually comes out after 28. Or the 3rd dozen comes out after the 1st. some gamblers will play neighbors, which is to bet on the numbers to the left and right of the last number that just came out. It does not work. Neither the ball nor the numbers know who, or where their neighbor is.

A little known fact is that, very often, it takes upwards of 500 spins for the ball to fall into all 37 numbered slots. In fact, there's only about a 4,5% chance that all 37 numbers will be hit in 100 spins. So, in reality, a number (your birthday for example) could be skipped, and can likely be skipped, for 500 spins.

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